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About Me

" Professional, Trusted and Reliable"

Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about me. I'm the one on the left in the photo, the handsome fella on the right is my horse, Basil!

They say 'you never own a cat, a cat will own you or find someone more suitable to tend to its needs'. Having been 'owned' for over twenty years by a variety of cats I truly could not imagine life without one. A cat really does make a house a home, breathing life and an air of feline mystery to its surroundings.

Animals seem to be naturally drawn to me and I to them. It's an honour and what I consider a privilege to be blessed with the company of animals. I don't trust nor do I like people who say they don't like animals but I trust animals who make it clear when they don't like a person.
My early working background is a far cry from caring for pets, as I was a Prison Officer for just over twenty years before taking redundancy some five years ago, but, have struggled with settling into mainstream  jobs since leaving the Prison Service.

I look upon caring for other people's pets and property as I do my own animals and home. Honesty, respect and trust is what I have always prided myself on and the values that my parents raised me to abide by.

KittyCatCare is newly established but growing fast by word of mouth recommendations for providing quality care and service to pets and their owners.

I love what I do and I do what I love.